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Where to go? How to go? What price to pay? What to do? Those are among many questions that travelers always have. We were born to answer them all.

A “Venture” Spirit

Our staff are unique in that everyone has not just their own areas of expertise, but a true venture spirit or business mindset. Through this, we’re able to develop highly professional services and great quality content for our customers. That’s our strongest asset and the way we’re able to realize our Mission.

Team Player

Having included the word “Republic” in our company name, it’s easy to see that we really value “team” play. Staff are encouraged to speak out. Flexibility, thinking from the ground up, and not getting caught or locked into past success, for the sake of innovation and growth, are a few things we value in VR staff.


What makes VR’s services and products great is that the staff developing it are experts. Have you got a passion or something you love that will help us bring real value to global travel, we’d love to hear from you.

System Development Team

System Engineer

Xiaowei and Benxi are a couple of young engineers from China. Not only are they doing incredible things in engineering, they’re also friends who share a love of cooking and dance!

Design & Content Team

Web Developer

Asato’s not just a breathe of fresh air around the office, she’s also an incredibly talented designer. On the weekends you can find her outdoors; she’s what the Japanese call a “Mountain Girl”.

Sales Team

Sales Representative

Introducing Akemi, our energetic and enthusiastic sales rep. When she’s not in and out of the country promoting international sales, she’s a passionate florist!

Product Data Management Team

Product Data Scientist

Kyoko’s our France and french culture-loving data superhero—always improving the site with a focus on fixing any issues that come up and making everything perfect. Merci, Kyoko-san!

Marketing Team

Marketing Analyst

Ryo does various marketing tasks from international projects, to analysis. In the evenings, he can be found enjoying movies as he’s an avid cinema fan.

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