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Where to go? How to go? What price to pay? What to do? Those are among many questions that travelers always have. We were born to answer them all.
Who We Are

(as of April 1, 2019)

Kei Shibata

April 1988 Joined Mitsubishi Corporation

January 2001 Founded Venture Republic, Member of the Board, CEO (Present Position)

Kenichi Shibata

April 1995 Joined Nippon Life Insurance Company

January 2001 Founded Venture Republic, Member of the Board, Senior Executive Vice President

March 2017 COO (Present Position)

Hiroyuki Nishimura

April 1984 Founded IDB Corporation, Member of the Board

June 1997 IDB Corporation, CEO

January 2001 Founded Venture Republic, Member of the Board, Director (Present Position)

Hideo Fujii, Outside Director

Masaki Kunikyo, Outside Director

Shouji Fujiwara, Outside Director

Kazunori Ushiku, Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Takashi Iizuka, Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Join us & Create the future of travel.
Company Information

Born to answer all of our customers’ questions about travel

Company Name: Venture Republic Inc.

Head Office: 4-3-11, NishiAzabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060031 JAPAN

Representative: Kei Shibata, CEO · Kenichi Shibata, COO

Established: In operation since January 4, 2001

Number of Employees (as of February 1, 2020): 68

Main Business Activities: Online Travel Meta-Search and Media

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Izumi Nishiazabu Building 4-3-11
Nishi-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031