LINE TRAVEL jp × LOVE FOM – New Era, New Leaf! One Step Closer to Your Dream!

18 February 2019, Tokyo – LINE TRAVEL jp (Web) under joint operation by Venture Republic Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato-ward, Chief Executive Officer: Kei Shibata) and LINE Corporation, a leading online travel metasearch and media for travelers in Japan, has announced a promotion collaborated with Kyushu’s popular radio channel ‘LOVE FM’ (LOVE FM International Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. HQ: Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, CEO: Keiji Higashi) to target listeners in the Kyushu area who want to make their dreams come true.


According to a survey by Macromill Inc. targeting 500 new adults at Coming of Age ceremonies across Japan in January 2019, it shows that 45% of respondents had no future plans. In other words, you could say that 55% marks having a dream. Also, this survey shows that 68% of respondents believed in a bright future.


“Travel is Life”

“Travel brings passion”

LINE TRAVEL jp wants them to find new experiences and inspirations, discoveries and diversity through travel. This our slogan led to this joint promotion with LOVE FM who wants to support young adults in their 20s and 30s as they reach for their dreams.


For this promotion, we are waiting for your wish list which you want to do in Tokyo.

We will provide a trip to Tokyo for the best one by our careful consideration.


A special website is now available.

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