LINE TRAVEL jp Content Studio centered around LINE TRAVEL jp as an optimal full-funnel destination marketing platform for advertisers and destinations to take on their travel information challenges

With the rise of digital marketing, and the diversification of marketing strategies, the advertiser’s purpose isn’t to simply publish creatives and ads, but assist marketing by combining content creatives comprehensively with brands, and the Content (Brand) Studio refers to a specialized team that does just this.

Using the content marketing it has cultivated to its full potential, LINE TRAVEL jp’s media platform has created an optimal marketing and brand specialized team focused on marketing and brand support for various destinations from in-destination content creation, spreading information, to performance results. This will be the first purely travel and tourism-specialized content studio in Japan.*
*In house research as of 06/06/2019


According to the government’s “Japanese DMO” strategy (*1), with rapidly increasing tourists, it’s becoming more urgent for each region and local government’s organizations to have precise data-based measures to independently and systematically drive marketing activities towards tourists. These organizations are shifting away from product creation, sales support and PR activities that include mass media towards marketing that focuses on digital due to the ease of analyzing its effectiveness.
(*1) JNTO “What is a DMO?”


With this in mind, methods of collecting travel information are evolving with rapidly changing tourist values and smartphone use, giving life to LINE TRAVEL jp – a “Middleman” that can maximize the effectiveness of various brands and appeal of destinations.

LINE TRAVEL jp Content Studio is a media with an uncommon “human asset” to create content in the destination, a travel writer network of over 500 domestic writers and 200 overseas writers. Boasting over 20 million monthly visitors, LINE TRAVEL jp is a comprehensive travel media that in addition to LINE TRAVEL jp’s website ads, runs ads on the LINE app and lists articles on LINE News. It’s subsidiary Trip101 (Singapore) focuses on ads for inbound tourists, and appropriate marketing strategies combined with marketing development using various “media assets”. We don’t simply create content but engage in marketing that includes strategies to distribute information to users and provide a one-stop platform to operate and attract customers with our meta-search of over 250 partners all the way through to analytics.

Not only do we provide effective marketing activities for destinations but can provide users with accurate and refreshing travel information based on our partnership with the destination.

LINE TRAVEL jp will work with each are and destination and their travel information or visitor challenges, aim to increase visitors to every region domestic and overseas, and aim to be able to provide the ultimate travel service to each region and LINE TRAVEL jp user.

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